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Best of Oahu Newsletter, Issue #002 -- Oahu Moves to Tier 3
March 22, 2021

Best of Oahu Newsletter

Oahu moves to Tier 3

Hawaii has moved the islands to Tier 3 for reopening.

This means that restaurants, shops, churches, and gyms can now increase their capacity to 50%, and allow congregation of groups to increase to a maximum of 10. Beaches and hiking trails can follow suit, and allow groups of 10 to gather.

Sea Life Park Re-opens

This Oahu attraction is one of the last on the island to re-open to the public...starting back on March 6th.

Diamond Head Increases Fees

Changes – Diamond Park Trail – increasing open days to public. Now open all days except Wednesdays. They park is also increasing their access fees - $5/person for non-residents, and $10 per vehicle. diamond-head-trail.html

Koko Crater Viewing Platform

The city voted to dismantle the viewing platform at the top for safety reasons.

The Kokonut Koalition is an organization that has put efforts into repairing this Oahu hike and fighting the city to repair and not dismantle the site, arguing that platform is an essential piece to this hike and not in bad enough shape for removal consideration.

Talks continued, and now the city is proposing replacing the platform with a new structure. koko-crater-trail.html

Ala Moana Beach Replenishment

Following Waikiki’s recent beach sand replacement program, Ala Moana Beach Park gets approved by the land board for a full sand replenishment. They plan on restoring it to its original debut in 1957.

All sections will receive sand replenishment. Sand will most likely be dredged from the bottom of the ocean 4,500 feet out from the Ala Moana surf spot known as Courts.

A 2019 retrofit plan for the park has received strong opposition and some additions have been canceled, including a new playground, dog park and perpendicular parking stalls. ala-moana-beach-park.html

Monkeypod comes to Waikiki

Hawaii chef Peter Merriman will be opening his new signature beachfront restaurant, Monkeypod, at the transformed Outrigger Reef Waikiki Beach Resort.

This is part of an overall renovation for the hotel. They are popularly known for their Monkeypod Mai Tai’s with a lilikoi foam. You might have had one at their Ko’olina location or sister restaurant Moku located in Kakaako. waikiki-restaurants.html

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