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Best of Oahu Newsletter, Issue #001 -- Oahu Re-Opening
February 22, 2021

Hawaii COVID Update

According to Star Advertiser News, Hawaii has distributed more than 180,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine as of Feb 4th, and that appears to be slowing infections, according to the head of the hospital association.

Re-opening Oahu Attractions

Dole Plantation re-opened on Nov 12th, KCC Farmers Market re-opened on Nov 14th, Hanauma Bay re-opened on Dec 2nd, The Diamond Head Trail re-opened on Dec 17th, and The Polynesian Cultural Center re-opened on Jan 18th. Check out more... event-updates-on-oahu.html

Waikiki Sand Replenishment

A sand replenishment program is taking place once again from eroding sections in Waikiki, including Royal Hawaiian Beach & Gray's Beach that stretches from the Moana to the Sheraton Hotel. Last Waikiki Beach replenishment efforts took place in 2012, adding 24,000 cubic yards of sand.

There is a T-Sand Bar groin extending 200 feet into the ocean is being proposed to be added near the Gray’s Beach section to help reduce the depletion of sand in this area. Local surfers are protesting the potential impact on the surf, including surf spots known as Populars and Threes. waikiki-beach.html

Koko Head Steps Repair

If you are unfamiliar, the Koko Crater Steps are the remains of railroad tracks that ran up the side of Koko Crater to the top. It was used to transport military supplies during World War 2. Today it has become a popular hiking trail. Old railroad ties are all that remains and many were in disrepair. Recently 72 new ties have been replaced for safer hiking. Each week more resources are dedicated to additional repairs to missing or broken steps and eroded soil. Check out more... koko-crater-trail.html

Hanauma Bay New Rules

Hanauma Bay re-opened on Dec 2nd, and has established new rules and hours & days open – Hours and day open at this Natural Marine Preserve has changed to 6:45 AM to 4 PM and closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Also not no entry past 2 PM and the beach closes at 3 PM. Parking has entrance rates have increased as well. Note, only 720 guest are allowed in each day…down from 3000 per day. Checkout more... hanauma-bay-oahu.html
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