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Best of Oahu Newsletter, Issue #017 - Hawaii Tourism is Back
October 03, 2022

Best of Oahu Newsletter

Hawaii Tourism Rebounds

Hawaii tourism arrivals hit recovery benchmark in July, with the highest monthly visitors since January 2020.

More than 900,000 visitors traveled to Hawaii in July and spent close to $2 billion, according to the state Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism. But August numbers indicate a 10% decline from 2019 August numbers.

Next surge of visitors are slated to fly over for the holidays...

Oahu Oct & Nov Events

Oahu Events have started returning as visitors have this summer.

Farmers Markets were the first to return as they were deemed essential, but now some other social events are returning including Bishop Museum After Hours, Art After Dark at the Modern Museum of Art, Wildest Show at the Honolulu Zoo, Yoga in the Park, Holiday events and others.

oahu-events-in-october.html oahu-events-in-november.html

USS Bowfin Dry Docked for Repairs

USS Bowfin Tours are suspended while being dry docked for repairs. The Pacific Fleet Submarine Museum’s USS Bowfin will be temporarily unavailable for tours starting mid last month, as the 80-year-old submarine undergoes scheduled maintenance and repairs in a dry dock at Pacific Shipyards International in Honolulu Harbor. pearl-harbor.html

Hawaii Air Ambulance has Closed

Hawaii Air Ambulance Service has closed service. The parent company of LifeSave KuPono shut down the air ambulance service, leaving just one air ambulance company serving the islands.

These air ambulances have also provided assistance to stranded & injured hikers on Oahu, including the popular Lanikai Pillbox Hike.

It said there was significant under-reimbursement from Medicare, which would pay only about 10% for an air ambulance transport, which can cost $15,000 to $30,000 or more. lanikai-pillbox-hike.html

Feral Pigs Become a Nuisance

The feral pig population has grown and now rattling some Honolulu neighborhoods, including residence in Aina Haina have been complaining about colonies of feral pigs that are traveling down from the mountainside into the residential neighborhoods.

These feral pigs are rooting in people’s yards and destroying landscaping, bellowing, snorting and even screaming in the night, menacing residents, depositing foul-smelling excrement, scavenging for food in trash cans and multiplying like crazy.

North Shore Toa Luau

Located in Waimea Valley, surrounded by botanical gardens and home to the grand Waimea Falls, also features one of the most authentic and special island Luaus you'll experience.

Attending the Toa Luau experience is a warm heartfelt luau with inspiring moments of gratitude, participation and engagement.

They do a great job including you in activities that contribute to the luau, and have you partake in a memorable kava experience. And of course there is lot's of kalua pork and poi to enjoy with a special night of entertainment.

Learn more about the Toa story... toa-luau.html

Pint & Jigger Re-Opens

This popular bar and eatery is back in business. Now located in the lobby of the Ala Moana Hotel in the former Yuzu restaurant space. The new space is decked out with a blown-out ceiling, tons more seating and two stories of whiskey shelves—that’s over 180 bottles.

The second phase to come will be Harry’s Hardware Emporium, the Prohibition-themed cocktail speakeasy that was next door to old Pint.

Illegal Net Fishing

A man was cited by DLNR authorities for laying over a 1000 foot fishing net in restricted waters, and 2 boats were seized for violations in Kaneohe Bay.

It is prohibited to use lay nets within 3 miles of the shoreline in Kaneohe Bay.

Leonard's Filled Malasadas on Hold

The boiler used to make Leonard's creamy custard fillings broke and temporarily and temporarily shut down the ability to fill the Malasada Puffs. Popular fillings included Haupia (coconut), Macadamia Nut, and Dolce (chocolate).

Unfortunately, it looks like the parts needed for repair will take about 3-4 weeks to arrive. Leonard's will continue to make all three of their sugar coated malasadas including Original, Cinnamon, and Li Hing. Leonards-Bakery.html

Oahu Popular Shows

Check out new shows & concerts popping up around Oahu.

Booking for new Oahu Shows and concerts have taken off for Blue Note Waikiki, Slack Key Lounge, Kana Ka Pila Grille, Waikiki Shell, Blaisdell Center, Hawaii Theatre and many hotel live music and entertainment venues. oahu-shows.html

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