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Best of Oahu Newsletter, Issue #018 - More Rainbows in Hawaii
November 07, 2022

Best of Oahu Newsletter

Reusing Plasticsra to Repave Roads

Oahu is stepping up to reuse plastic waste in the process for repaving roads on Oahu. Instead of polluting our island and ocean , it’s part of a new state pilot project that repurposes plastic waste into a new asphalt surface.

Close to 200,000 plastic bottles will be repurposed by mixing it in with the asphalt mix. An Ewa Beach roadway will be the first road resurfaced with this new plastic mix, and monitored for durability and a series of other tests.

If successful, this will literally pave the way for the rest of Hawaii’s roads.

Oahu Nov & Dec Events

Oahu Events continue to surface as we head towards the holidays.

Farmers Markets were the first to return as they were deemed essential, but now some other social events are returning including Bishop Museum After Hours, Art After Dark at the Modern Museum of Art, Wildest Show at the Honolulu Zoo, Yoga in the Park, Holiday events and others.

oahu-events-in-november.html oahu-events-in-december.html

Climate Change Hurting Reefs

Half of the world’s coral reefs, including Hawaii, could face permanently “unsuitable conditions” in just 13 years if climate change continues on a destructive course.

These conditions could likely lead to the death of coral reefs and threaten marine life due to disruptions in the food chain.

The University of Hawaii researchers are taking that extra step to identify which species may be more at risk, or less at risk of future stressors by studying how climate change may affect an individual coral species, through environmental stressors including surface water temperature, ocean acidification, tropical storms, land use and human population factors.

Hawaii to See More Rainbows

According to researchers, there is a silver lining in global warming, or you could say colorful lining, as Hawaii might be instore with more rainbows in its future.

2023 has been predicted to have a very rainy start to the year, more than usual, and could be a trend throughout.

Kailua Beach Erosion

Kailua Beach, while still one of the most beautiful beaches on Oahu, has suffered from some beach erosion recently. Two trees have succumb to this erosion and have fallen into the water. The trees have since been removed by city workers.

The city has replenish the shoreline with additional sand 2 times in the past decade.

The City’s Department of Parks and Recreation, said they are considering a dune restoration project and adding vegetation. kailua-beach-park.html

Expanding Hilton Hawaiian Village

Hawaiian Village is slated to get even bigger...

The Hilton Hawaiian Village is already the largest resort on Oahu. And now they are in the early stages of getting the necessary permits to build a new 36-story tower that will provide an additional 515 rooms to this mega resort.

If approved, It will run along Ala Moana Boulevard. hilton-hawaiian-village.html

Hike to the Makapu'u Lighthouse

If you have already hiked to the top of Diamond Head and looking for another beautiful scenic hike, consider the Makapu'u Lighthouse trail.

This 2-mile (roundtrip) moderate hiking trail is one of the most memorable, with stunning views overlooking Makapuu Beach, Koko Head, the windward coast, and Molokai & Lanai neighboring islands.

The Makapuu Lighthouse is located at the southeastern point of Oahu, not too far from Sandy Beach, where it tends to be dryer and much warmer.

It is about a 30 minute drive from Waikiki makapuu-lighthouse.html

Best Oahu Breakfast Spots

There are easily hundreds of good restaurants around the island, but only a handful receive raving reviews for best Oahu breakfast restaurants!

From simple breakfast plate lunches and hot malasadas, to amazing creations at places such as Koko Head Cafe and Ube Pancakes at Yogur Story, you will start your day with the word "Ono" in the description of your meal!

Discover the best breakfast spots on Oahu... oahu-breakfast-restaurants.html

Oahu Popular Shows

Check out new shows & concerts popping up around Oahu.

Booking for new Oahu Shows and concerts have taken off for Blue Note Waikiki, Slack Key Lounge, Kana Ka Pila Grille, Waikiki Shell, Blaisdell Center, Hawaii Theatre and many hotel live music and entertainment venues. oahu-shows.html

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