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Discover Kailua Beach Park

Kailua Beach Park ranks as the second most beautiful out of all the Oahu Beaches.  Okay…it’s a little unfair to rank Kailua Beach as second best, only because it is literally right next to THE most beautiful beach on the island, Lanikai Beach.

Kailua Beach Park

Kailua Beach Park - Background

Kailua Beach Park is located on the easterly shoreline, where the ocean waters are as turquoise blue as it gets, and equally matched with amazingly soft, white powder sand.

Kailua Beach

Many beach goers on the island, rate Kailua Beach Park number one over Lanikai Beach, simply because it is a longer stretch of gorgeous white sand and turquoise blue waters -- two and half miles long to be exact!  

Kailua Beach Hawaii

Kailua Beach Park has actually grown a little larger over the past couple of decades, thanks to many Lanikai real estate beach homes that built sea walls to protect their properties from land erosion.

The irony of these efforts was losing their beautiful beachfront sand in the process, which naturally shifted over to Kailua Beach Park.

This Oahu Beach, unlike Lanikai Beach, has bathroom facilities, beach showers, and picnic tables located on the park grounds.  It’s something worth considering when bringing the whole family out for the day.

Downtown Kailua

I also recommend stopping in downtown Kailua, which is only five minutes away from the beach.

  This gives you a chance to pick up some Hawaiian plate lunches, snacks, and drinks before heading out to the beach.

Water activities at Kailua Beach Park

Although Kailua Beach Park offers beautiful calm waters to swim in, there are usually some small waves to play around in also.

Kailua Beach Kite surfers

You will find a natural rock sea wall called Flat Island, which stretches a good hundred yards into the ocean.  This natural rock formation forms the rolling waves that characterize this shorline. 

You will usually find a group of local kids playing around in these waves with their boogie boards.  You might want to bring along a boogie board too if you’re up to riding the waves yourself.  If not, these waves are perfect for bodysurfing as well.

Kayak around Kailua & Lanikai

Kailua Beach is also very popular for kayaking.  Most kayakers venture out to the Mokulua Islands, which is approximately 2 miles away!  They are the two postcard perfect islands that define the waters off Lanikai Beach. They actually serve as bird sanctuaries.

Kailua Beach Kayak

You will find many kayak rental shops around downtown Kailua and along the roadside as you head out to the beach.  But you will also be glad to know that there are companies that provide kayaks ready to be paddled out from shore.

Kailua Beach Kayak Tour

Experience the beauty of the Mokulua Islands, and the Windward Coastline from a distance, on a fun guided kayak ride!  It’s amazing enough to just step onto Kailua beach, but paddling out gives you a whole new perspective. Not to mention observing the crystal clear waters below as you journey out.

This is a special 2 hour adventure that you must plan a head and sign up before arriving at the beach.  It includes transportation, lunch, snorkel gear, life jacket, dry bag, and caters to beginners to more advanced kayakers. 

Book a Kayak Ride Now

Getting to Kailua Beach Park

Kailua Beach Sign

You really should consider renting a car, when visiting Kailua Beach.  Riding the bus can take up to 90 minutes with three different Oahu Bus transfers, starting from Waikiki.  Driving your own rental car should only take 30 to 45 minutes, depending on traffic.

Kailua Beach Park Oahu Map

View Kailua Beach Park in a larger map

Driving Directions from Waikiki: 

Starting from Waikiki, jump onto the H-1 Freeway and head west…
Take the Pali Hwy (or Hwy 61) towards Kailua
Turn right onto Kailua St. and head towards the downtown area
Continue on Kailua St. and merge left at the intersection towards the ocean
Turn right onto Kawailoa St, and continue over the a small river stream bridge
Pass Buzz’s Original Steak House and turn left into Kailua Beach Park

Oahu Bus:  

Start off from Waikiki, and travel on the number 20 bus up to the Aloha Tower bus stop.  Take a paper transfer and jump onto bus number 57 to the downtown Kailua area.

Finally take an Oahu bus transfer on the Shuttle bus #70.  Tip:  Ask your bus driver to inform you where to get off and transfer buses.

Beach Facilities

Kailua Beach Facilities

Kailua Beach Park is well-equipped with beach facilities including:

  • Covered and open-air picnic tables
  • Barbecue Grills
  • Bathroom facilities
  • Beach showers
  • Parking lot w/ free parking
  • Kayak rental center
  • Volleyball Court
  • Lifeguard on duty

Park facilities open from dawn to dusk

Food tips:  

I highly recommend bringing a cooler with you so you can keep food and drinks cool and readily on hand. 

You might also want to consider stopping in the downtown area of Kailua, located only 5 minutes away, before continuing onto the beach.  Kailua offers some good grocery stores to load up on food, drinks, and ice.  If you don't want to bother with grocery shopping, there are great restaurants serving to-go Hawaiian plate lunches in downtown Kailua.  

Make you own chocolate bar experience!  Sign up for fun 1 hr workshop in Chinatown or Kailua, learning about the chocolate making process, and create your own unique bar using spices and/or fun ingredients.  Reserve your spot now...

Visiting Tips: 

I would advise visiting Kailua Beach Park and Lanikai Beach earlier in the day.  If you are an early bird, this is the best spot to watch the sunrise and perhaps take an early hike to the Lanikai Pillboxes to catch the sun come up and enjoy spectacular views of both beaches and the Mokulua islands.

Kailua Beach Sand
  • Hawaiian Sunrise:  For you sunrise goers, This eastward corner of Oahu Hawaii is a great viewing spot for the Hawaiian sunrise…that is if you don’t encounter heavy clouds that tend to linger sometimes.
  • Snorkeling:  Unfortunately the snorkeling is less than ideal out here.  The water is perfect for swimming, but lacks the marine environment for the tropical fish to call home.  The visibility is also on the poor side with powdery sand continuously stirring around in the water.
  • Oahu for Kids:  Kailua Beach Park is great for the family and is kid friendly! 

I usually head next door to Lanikai Beach, but Kailua Beach Park is considered just as beautiful and with convenient facilities. The beach crowd is friendly, which also promotes a relaxing setting at this destination.

The ocean waters here are fairly calm and great to swim and play in.  Always make sure you keep an eye on your children while in the ocean.

Compact Sun Shade and Beach Blanket Picks to bring with you

In the area:

The Kailua downtown area, is just a few minutes away.  This town has some great shops and restaurants worth visiting.

Downtown Kailua

Downtown Kailua

The downtown Kailua area, which is only 5 minutes away from the beach, has its charm with some neat shops and some good restaurants worth visiting.  Maui Brewing Company recently joined the community.

Kailua Restaurants

Kailua Reastaurants

If you are planning coming over first thing in the morning, then I would like to recommend picking up some breakfast at a small restaurant called Boots & Kimos in downtown Kailua.

A must try are their famous macadamia nut pancakes, that comes with a yummy macadamia nut syrup.  The lines sometimes can grow long, since there is limited seating, so it's best to there early. 

I recommend ordering your food to go, and better enjoy it on the Kailua Beach Park picnic tables.  The ambiance and view is so much nicer!

Also consider other award winning restaurants in the area including Cinnamon's, Mokes, Bread & Breakfast, and Over Easy.

Lanikai Juice

Lanikai Juice

If you are thirsty and feel like living like a celebrity, than stop in at Lanikai Juice.

You just might bump into a famous TV or movie star, like from the Magnum P.I. cast. Lanikai Juice is known for healthy juices and unique juice bowls with tropical fruit toppings. 

Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach

I would also recommend visiting the number 1 rated most beautiful beach in the world, Lanikai Beach.  The picture says it all!

It is located right next door to Kailua Beach, less than a mile down the road.  It is by far my family’s most favorite beach on Oahu.

Lanikai Pillbox Hike

Lanikai Pillbox Hike

If you think the beach is amazing ...wait until you see it from above!

If you have a pair of hiking shoes with you, and you’re in the mood to take a quick hike up to an amazing view of the Lanikai Beach Oahu area, then check out more about the Lanikai Pillbox hiking trail.

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