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Oahu Beaches

While almost all Oahu beaches are beautiful and inviting, there are definitely some favorites that stand out and are worth mentioning.  You have popular, world renown beaches like Waikiki Beach, big-wave surfing beaches in the North Shore including Waimea Bay, and some gorgeous, local favorite beaches which you might not have heard of…like Waimanalo Bay on the Windward side.  Whether you’re seeking the most beautiful or something more rustic, there are some amazing beaches on Oahu that await you!

Oahu Beaches

Which of the Oahu beaches is the best place to nestle your toes?
Discover your favorite Oahu beach below:

Warm aqua blue waters, reefs teeming with vividly colored fish, the softest powdery sands stretching a mile long, hidden beaches, beaches in coves, best sunrise and sunset beaches, small to supersized waves!  Whatever you're  looking for, there is an Oahu beach to indulge your pleasure.

With close to 100 Oahu beaches waiting to be explored, you might want to take a peek at the best beaches Oahu has to offer before setting out on your beach exploration.

Whether you are trying to discover magical, secluded beaches, or searching for beaches that are bustling with activity, we have narrowed down the best of the best for you to choose from.

Click on the photos or links below to learn more about each spectacular Oahu beach, how to get there, maps, facilities, visiting tips, and what else is in the area!

Most Beautiful & Pristine Oahu Beaches

Turquoise blue waters, powdery white sands, swaying palms, ideal swimming conditions, and nothing but you, a book,  your sunhat, and the  rhythmic rolling of the waves...need I say more?

Best Action Packed Beaches

Now if you are looking to participate in the active water sports around you, there are no better beaches than the ones below to do just that.  Or if you just want to be in the middle of the action, these beaches are some of the best for people watching...

Best North Shore Beaches

Big wave surfers chasing the world's biggest waves in the North Shore's most famous beaches  warrant a visit to Oahu's legendary North Shore...

Best Body Surfing & Bodyboarding Beaches

Some of Oahu's best shore breaks perfect for body surfing and bodyboarding make these beaches a favorite for locals ...

Best Oahu Beaches Awaiting Discovery

If you make it out to these beaches, you will have little competition for some of the longest stretches of beautiful, uncrowded white sand beaches in Oahu...

The above list of the best Oahu beaches should satisfy any discerning beachcomber's requirements for beauty, relaxation, adventure, water sports, and just plain "whiling" away on soft, warm, sand while palm trees sway as the tropical sun leaves you sunkissed and sighing with content.

Aloha & Enjoy!!