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Best Oahu Resorts for Your Vacation This Year

Discover the finest Oahu resorts in our curated guide, where luxury meets paradise. Explore top-tier accommodations set against Oahu's stunning landscapes, offering an unparalleled island experience. This guide will help you find the ultimate retreat, where exceptional hospitality blends with breathtaking locations on the island.

Oahu resorts. Turtle Bay areal views of the hotel, coast, and surrounding.Turtle Bay Resort in the North Shore

Grand Oahu Resorts

These luxury Oahu resorts offer unique settings, onsite golf courses, tropical lagoon beaches, exquisite water features, popular luaus, and attractions like dolphins and stingrays. With spa centers, boutique shops, fine dining, top-notch accommodations, and prime beachfront real estate, these resorts provide unparalleled luxury and convenience.

Best of Oahu sorted out the luxurious amenities resorts for you below—take a look.

1. Turtle Bay Resort

Turtle Bay Resort is a luxurious and idyllic oceanfront retreat on the North Shore, offering stunning views, world-class amenities, and a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Travel to the tip of the North Shore countryside, and you will find the welcoming gate that leads you inside this fabulous  880 acres of the Turtle Bay Resort.  

This resort captures the true meaning of the word peaceful!  Although it’s only a short ride to Haleiwa Town, you are truly isolated from much of civilization.  

The beautiful rustic grounds include not one but two championship Oahu golf courses, a dozen tennis courts, 2 separate pools, an outdoor spa, a fitness center, 6 restaurant dining options, an extensive collection of hotel rooms and suites,  and that’s in addition to the beach cottages & resort villas available to those who have a need for more space and privacy.

Staying at Turtle Bay Oahu can be a little pricey, but if you are searching for peace and tranquility, it might be worth it!  Take a horseback ride or feel free to wander on the 5-mile stretch of undisturbed North Shore sandy beach coast.

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2. Hilton Hawaiian Village

Hilton Hawaiian Village is a sprawling and iconic beachfront resort in Waikiki, providing guests with a vibrant and luxurious experience, featuring multiple pools, a private lagoon, and a variety of dining and entertainment options.

At the top of Waikiki, you can’t have a more grand entrance than one that leads into the Hilton Hawaiian Village.  Las Vegas would be proud to have this Oahu resort in its line up of eye candy.

So what makes each of these Oahu resorts grand?  Let the Hilton Hawaii Village set the standard with…an elaborate waterfall entrance, 6 hotel towers, close to 100 boutique shops to satiate any urge to loosen the purse strings, 2 dozen restaurants and bars, the only outdoor Waikiki luau, a world conference center, a manmade swimming lagoon, huge park-like grounds, 10 swimming pools, and prime Waikiki beach real estate.  Oh…did I mention this place is home to the legendary Don Ho?

It’s no doubt that the Hawaiian Hilton Village is a first class Oahu resort, but also an endless oasis of entertainment and fun!

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Major Oahu Resorts in Ko'Olina

Ko'olina is a newly developed resort area that has attracted 3 major hotel leaders to the area, including the Marriott Resort & Beach Club, the Disney Aulani, and the Four Seasons.  Known for its magical calm ocean lagoons, elite golf course, and best rated restaurants, Ko'olina is a magical oasis in the making.

3. Marriott Ko Olina Resort & Beach Club

Marriott Ko Olina Resort & Beach Club is a serene and luxurious oceanfront retreat in the Ko Olina area, offering a tranquil atmosphere, stunning views, and world-class amenities for a truly relaxing and memorable vacation.

About 45 minutes North of Waikiki is a fairly new secluded resort on the Leeward (west side) side of Oahu, known as the Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club.

The 650-acre gated Marriott Ko Olina properties currently consist of 2 hotels each with its own crescent-shaped beach lagoon.  The 3rd and 4th identical lagoons are set to also have their own hotels to be built in the near future.  

This expansive beach club also  includes an 18-hole championship golf course, award winning Roy’s Restaurant, the Paradise Cove Luau production, tropical pools to splash around, and prime beachfront setting to enjoy the perfect Hawaiian sunsets.

The Ko Olina resort hotel rooms and multi-roomed villas are spacious and tastefully decorated with a modern and luxurious island plantation feel.

But it’s really the manicured garden surroundings, and the 4 individual magical crescent moon beach lagoons that separate this getaway from other Oahu resorts.  The Ko Olina beaches rank as some of the best on the island, and happens to be one of my favorites to visit!

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4. The Disney Aulani Resort & Spa

Disney Aulani Hotel is a magical and enchanting resort in Ko Olina, blending Hawaiian culture with Disney magic to create a family-friendly paradise with stunning beaches, water activities, and immersive storytelling experiences.

The Disney Aulani Resort is the latest addition to join the short list of amazing Oahu resorts.

It’s located about 30 minutes north of Waikiki, next to the Marriott Resort & Beach Club.  If you haven’t been to Ko’Olina yet, it’s a tropical oasis, that’s away from everything and has these 4 pristine moon-shaped ocean lagoons.

Walt Disney’s team worked hand in hand with the Hawaiian community to create a flowing symmetry of Hawaiian & Polynesian culture throughout the resort and it's premises, and mixing in the Disney magic we’ve come to love over the years. The Aulani opened its doors to the public in 2011, and has already expanded their capacity to over 800 rooms, suites, and villas in 2013.

The Ko’Olina beach lagoons are a highlight, but you’ll find many guests enjoying the extensive water park at the Aulani grounds.

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5. Four Seasons Ko’olina

Four Seasons Ko'olina is a luxurious and tranquil beachfront resort in the Ko'olina area, providing guests with impeccable service, breathtaking ocean views, and a serene ambiance for a truly indulgent and relaxing getaway.

The recently renovated Four Seasons in Ko’olina Lagoons is a vacation dream!  Here you will find a nice balance of peaceful settings and fun activities surrounding the resort.  A common theme you’ll find throughout the Four Seasons is luxury -- in finishes, furnishings, and services provided.

Coupled with multiple noteworthy restaurants, inviting pools, and a 35,000 square foot luxury spa…that’s right, with 20 treatment rooms and “healing hales”, the Four Seasons has covered many bases to help define vacation paradise!

Explore the grounds and you’ll discover a fairy tale cathedral surrounded by water gardens, and used for special weddings and events.  Aside from the man-made lagoon, there’s also a natural hidden beach on the north side of the Four Seasons hotel. 

My favorite feature of this Oahu resort are the many beautiful lounging areas sprinkled throughout the resort, which were specifically designed for privacy and relaxation.  Can you say ahhhh....

When you're done with whatever activities you chose to enjoy around the resort, don’t miss one of the best happy hours in Ko’olina at the Waterman Bar & Grill, where you can enjoy the sunset with tasty appetizers and specialty cocktails at happy hour prices!

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6. The Kahala Hotel & Resort

The Kahala Hotel & Resort is a prestigious and elegant oceanfront retreat in Honolulu, offering a luxurious and serene escape with its private beach, world-class amenities, and impeccable service.

A legendary Oahu resort secretly tucked in the back side of Diamond Head, away from Waikiki...  Think world class and the Kahala Hotel & Resort should come to mind.  This is where you come to feel like the rich and famous or hang out with them –such sightings are quite common, but you have to come see for yourself!

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Residing on only 6.5 acres of prime real estate, the Kahala Hotel might seem a little small compared to the other Oahu Resorts, but not in terms of class, beauty, and entertainment!  No details were spared in this classic luxury getaway!

Features not to be missed include an extensive spa and fitness center, a private long stretch of beach with calm ocean waters, a 22,000 sq ft lagoon, that winds through botanical gardens, and it’s home to bottlenose dolphins, sting rays, sea turtles and a school of tropical fish. 

The Kahala Resort is also home to an award winning restaurant known as Hoku…one of 5 dining spots  onsite.

My favorite pastime at the Kahala Hotel & Resort is hanging out in their open air lounge, where you can enjoy cocktails from the bar and listen to the live jazz music on the weekends.

Also Checkout the Best Oahu Hotels in Waikiki

The Oahu hotels in Waikiki offer a vibrant and bustling atmosphere, stunning beachfront locations, and a wide range of accommodations and amenities to cater to every traveler's needs and preferences.

Besides the 6 Oahu resorts listed above, you will not be disappointed with some of the best Oahu hotels for more grand stays in Oahu, Hawaii! 

Let’s look at few hotels.

Royal Hawaiian: 

Unveil the timeless allure of Waikiki at the Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort. This historic pink palace offers a perfect blend of luxury, tradition, and modern comfort, immersing guests in the charm of Hawaii's regal past.

Moana Surfrider:  

Experience the grandeur of the "First Lady of Waikiki" at the Moana Surfrider, A Westin Resort & Spa. This beachfront haven combines historic elegance with contemporary amenities, inviting guests to savor the beauty of Waikiki Beach.

Ilikai Hotel:

Elevate your stay at the Ilikai Hotel & Luxury Suites, renowned for its iconic architecture and breathtaking oceanfront views. With spacious suites and a central location, it offers a perfect blend of sophistication and island relaxation.

Waikiki Hotels & Resorts Map

Oahu resorts have redefined luxury, setting a new standard for excellence on the island. Whether seeking relaxation or adventure, these resorts promise an unforgettable escape. 

There are 6 Oahu resorts that have the extensive grounds, full facilities, and prestige worthy of the title “true resorts on Oahu”.  The Hawaiian Hilton Village, Turtle Bay Resort, Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club, Disney Aulani Hotel, Four Seasons, and the Kahala Hotel and Resort are your 6 one stop island destinations that rise above the rest!

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