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Advertising with Best of Oahu

Best-of-Oahu.com is one of the leading travel sites for Hawaii.  Our goal is to empower our audience with the best experience Oahu has to offer, leading visitors to the best beaches, best restaurants, best hotels, and many other points of interests.

A Leading Oahu Travel Site

Best-of-oahu.com is currently averaging over 100k unique visitors/month, and over 2 million page views/year measured by Google Analytics and Stat Counter.  We've extended our reach through social platforms including Facebook, Youtube, Pintrest, and Instagram.

Advertising Opportunities

We currently offer a few advertising opportunities, including space on individual pages, all pages, and social media.

Advertising on Best of Oahu Individual Pages

This currently is our most popular offering, as advertisements tend to best blend in with existing content.  These advertisements have a paragraph description, a displayed picture, and a exiting link to a desired website page.  Pricing varies on page traffic and desirability

Bargain Pages - many individual beach, hiking, and waterfall pages have high traffic with excellent position in Google searches, and are cheaper advertising venues.

3 Advertising Opportunities

Deals - A great way to promote your products and services, is by creating a coupon or promotion, and advertise it on our new Best Oahu Deals page.  This page receives great visibility, as it is displayed in a top navigation positioning on our site. 

Events - Consider promoting an event on one of our monthly pages, which receive high traffic in both unique views and page views.

Social Media - expand your advertising campaign through our social presence.  We have 50,000 followers on Facebook alone who help extend our reach to Hawaii visitors and those who have taken an interest on ongoing visions, events, and things that are happening on Oahu.

Make sure to inquire about a combination package.

Telling your story

Our objective is to give our advertisers the best representation possible, through featured "introduction pages".  We follow a methodology of creating stronger pages and telling your story in the process.  These individual pages highlight product and services which includes a description, company contact info, pictures, video if available, website linking, and a Q & A section to help personalize the experience.

These featured pages can be linked through an advertisement posted on one of our existing pages and linked through a paragraph description advertisement.

Additional Advertising Opportunities

Tower banners are an option as well.  Pricing for the individual spots are provided upon request.

We are also open to entertaining advertising on individual pages with a hyperlink mentioned in a neutral structured sentence and 400px by 350px banner adds.

Let us know what captures your interest, and how you would like to partner with us.

Please email us to inquire more about advertising opportunities and/or request a media kit at aloha@best-of-oahu.com

Thank you for your interest in advertising with Best of Oahu!

Aloha & Enjoy!

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