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Help Save Oahu Hawaii

Save Oahu Hawaii is a movement we must embrace to preserve our beautiful island!  Oahu may just be a little dot on a map but it is one of the most beautiful places in the world. It’s a place we come to relax, see beautiful sights, and enjoy amazing experiences. Although this all sounds great, due to Oahu’s population being close to a million people, and its popularity with over a million visitors per year, pollution is on the rise and slowly destroying many natural wonders that we enjoy about this beautiful island.

Taking notice of this concern, people have started good organizations and programs to help slow and stop this destructive process and keep Oahu thriving with beauty.

Save Oahu Beaches is a community-driven initiative dedicated to preserving and protecting the natural beauty and environmental health of Oahu's beaches for future generations to enjoy. 🏖️🌊

Help repair the Koko Crater Steps Hike... 

The Koko Head Steps is an extremely popular hike with hundreds of hikers climbing it daily.  Add the rainy season and years in existence, there are some sections that are in need of attention and repair.  A GoFundMe campaign has been created to help clean up, repair, and reinforce sections of this hiking trail.  A group by the name of Kokonut Koalition joined up with the City of Honolulu to full rebuild the stairs that leads up to the top ridge of this extinct volcano!  Close to $7500 of the $10,000 has already been raised.  If you enjoy this hike and want to see it preserved into the future, we encourage you to make a donation to help fulfill what is needed to start the necessary repairs.  Mahalo!!

See more details and make a donation

10 Oahu Organizations Making a Difference

Oahu's Surfrider Foundation

Surfrider is a foundation that focuses on cleaning beaches and oceans surrounding Oahu. During their beach clean up, something unique people do is go swimming and surfing while cleaning up the coral reef and water. They try to preserve healthy beaches which are recreational areas and important coastal ecosystems.

Surfrider Foundation protects special places and use Marine Protected Areas to preserve marine life and allow the beach to rebuild. They try to help reduce the use of plastics so marine life can continue to thrive.

They also tell you how you can help out by showing what you can do at your home. For example, you can make a beautiful garden that not only catches the eye of people passing by, but also captures the polluted runoff that flows to the local beaches.

Please join us in helping Surfrider preserve the exquisite beaches of Oahu by volunteering and helping out.

Learn more & help the Surfrider Foundation

Sierra Club of Hawaii

The Sierra Club of Hawaii promotes the idea for people to “explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places of the Earth”. They focus on restoring the good quality of the Earth’s environment and plan to help educate us humans on how to do just that.

Folks can volunteer on specific dates to more specifically help clean up the mountains. Island wide they have about 3,000 members. This organization also helps encourage recycling.

The Sierra Club of Hawaii is also trying to create laws that may preserve and benefit the environment. Be green and help out the environment by volunteering for the Sierra Club of Hawaii.

Learn more & help the Sierra Club of Hawaii

Monk Seal Foundation

This special group is working to save monk seals because there are fewer than 1,100 seals remaining. Every year this number declines by 4%! They are being harmed by humans, sharks, diseases, nets and more.

Within the next few years there may only be less than 1,000 remaining monk seals. Although there may be many obstacles, the Monk Seal Foundation still has hope and needs you to help save these precious animals.

Join the Monk Seal Foundation, and help by taking some of your time out of your day to monitor and rope off areas where monk seals can enjoy their home without being disrupted by curious tourists and other animals willing to do harm to them. Help this amazing organization by not only donating your money but also your time to help protect monk seals.

Learn more & help the Monk Seal Foundation

Malama Na Hanu

Created in 2007, this Hawaiian organization focuses on helping the threatened species of green sea turtles. Volunteers go out to beaches more in the North Shore and help educate the visitors and residents there on how they can help protect and preserve these amazing sea creatures.

The Malama na Honu monitors the sea turtles’ daily behavior to make sure there is nothing wrong with them. Their mission is to educate the public to treat these animals with respect, which helps avoid inadvertent harassment.

They are protected by the Endangered Species Act which has led to significantly increased numbers of the green sea turtle’s population.

Learn more & help Malama Na Hanu

Reef Watch of Waikiki

The Reef Watch of Waikiki monitors reefs so that the beautiful habitat of the animals living there does not get destroyed. They are only one part of a larger project call the Waikiki Ecosystem Restoration project by the University of Hawaii Sea Grant Program.

This project protects and works towards restoring the marine resources of Waikiki. The Reef Watch of Waikiki also educate and train visitors and residents on how they can contribute to preserving and restoring Waikiki reefs.

Learn more and help Reef Watch of Waikiki

Ko'olau Mountain Watership Partnership

The Ko’olau Mountains Watershed Partnership has been working on protecting the watershed since 1999. They protect the forested mauka and the mountainous areas of the Ko’olau Mountains on Oahu.

So far they have sustained a yield of over 133 billion gallons of water each year! And to keep this up the KMWP helps protect the watershed from invasive weeds and feral animals.

Learn more and help KMWP

Manoa Cliff Restoration Project

The Manoa Cliff Restoration Project protects and promotes native plant growth. This program was started by Dr.Mashuri Waite. Their research shows about 110 native plant species are growing.

To keep these plants growing, a fence was built to keep the feral pigs out, and they control weeds by replacing them with more native plants.

There is even an accessible hike called the Manoa Cliff Trail, that is further north of the waterfall hike, It is great a great hike if you are interested in observing the amazing native plants growing there. Help support this organization to keep these amazing plants thriving.

Learn more and help the Moana Cliff Restoration Project

Hui Hawaii

The mission of Hui Hawaii is simple: protect ocean health by restoring the aina -- mauka to makai. This organization aims to protect water quality. The ocean’s health and resources are threatened by pollution and the people involved with Hui Hawaii are working to eliminate the threat.

Pollution is caused by new developments in society and modern streets and buildings. Most people are not helping when they just leave their trash everywhere, but this is where you come in.

You can help by volunteering for Hui Hawaii and educating family and friends on how to keep the ocean waters clean.

Learn more and help Hui Hawaii

Ahaui Malama I Ka Lohaki

This Hawaiian group is here to help preserve native species and ecosystems. They believe that if no effort is put towards the preservation of Hawaiian species and ecosystems then the Hawaiian culture will be diminished.

The Ahaui Malama I Ka Lohaki help out scientists with resource management practices. They include both Hawaiians and Non-Hawaiians so lend them a hand and keep our precious native species and ecosystems around.

Learn more & help Ahaui Malama I Ka Lohaki

Friends of Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay is one of the largest visited protect reserves in Hawaii.  The Friends of Hanauma Bay dedicate their time to conserve the coastal and marine environments.

They do things to foster conservation to coastal and marine habitats, get involved with the Hanauma Bay Education Program (specifically with their mission at the bay), and recognize the work of Nature Preserve management.

The Friends of Hanauma Bay also encourage the advancement of marine research and promote the creation of other programs that protect marine areas.

Learn more & help Friends of Hanauma Bay

Kailani's Corner

Why Save Oahu Hawaii?

Aloha everyone, I am Kailani, just a kid who is concerned about our future! This section is devoted to support and promote such organizations and programs that help preserve Oahu and keep Hawaii beautiful.

New technologies and vast developments in our world today are starting to take a toll and harm Hawaii's beautiful and natural environment.

These highlighted programs & organizations strive to keep this from happening. That is why I am trying to help get the word around to volunteer and those who would like to help these wonderful organizations, so that Oahu can remain a beautiful island where nature is protected, and allowed to thrive in their special ecosystems.

Aloha & Enjoy!

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