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Yokohama Bay on the West Side

You'll discover beautiful Yokohama Bay when you head towards the most west northern tip of Oahu, known to as Ka’ena Pt.  Also referred to as Keawaula Beach, this Oahu beach resides in one of the most secluded areas of the island.

Yokohama Bay Oahu

Yokohama Bay & the Westside

Most tourists never see this side of Oahu.  When people claim to have driven around the island, the Westside is typically cut off since the road dead ends at Yokohama Bay, and the most sensible and popular route is to head up and around to the North Shore instead.

Yokohama Bay

But there is something to be said for discovering the quiet Westside of the island, which tends to be more local and simple.

Yokohama Bay is pristine, beautiful, and untouched by development for miles around.  It is framed by the Waianae Mountain Range in the background.  You’ll usually find this Oahu beach empty, with an extensive sandy beach to explore all to yourself.

Yokohama Bay

If you’re looking to explore Oahu’s raw beauty…this is it!

Makaha Beach

It’s a long drive to get to Yokohama Bay, which could take up to, an hour and a half from Waikiki.  You’ll pass though Waianae, a large Hawaiian-based (locals only) community, and through Makaha, which is known for it’s phenomenal winter surfing & white sandy beach.

FUN FACT:  Makaha Beach was also originally slated to be the designated spot for hotel development before Waikiki Beach was ultimately chosen.  How different would that have been!

Yokohama Bay

Unfortunately it’s not ideal for swimming, unless flat sometimes in the summer.  The waves tend to get big, especially in the winter.  Local, experienced body boarders and surfers love the surf break in this bay.

There’s also a steep drop off, and the shore-breaking waves can be a bit dangerous if you’re not used to it.

History of the Bay

Yokohama Bay

History of Keawa’ula Beach translates to “red bay”.  The Hawaiian community gave it this name because of the large squid population that spawned in the area, and literary would turn the bay red during this process.  The early Japanese fisherman that later frequented the area popularized it as we know it today “Yokohama Bay”.

Getting There

Yokohama Bay Entrance

The only way to get to Yokohama Beach is by car, which will take you about 1½ hrs from Waikiki.  The Oahu bus turns around at Makaha, and you have another 15 minutes to travel by vehicle from there.  Consider renting a car for the day...

  • From Waikiki, take the H-1 highway heading north
  • Stay on H-1 until it ends and turns into the Farrington Hwy (Hwy 93)
  • Follow the coast until the road ends at Keawa’ula Beach

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Oahu Map

Beach Facilities

  • Bathrooms
  • Showers
  • Lifeguard station
  • Parking

Visiting Tips

Yokohama Bay Oahu

No shade – there is no shade to be found at Yokohama Beach.  Pack an umbrella, water, hats, and lots of sunscreen.  It tends to get very hot on the West Side of the island.  I would even recommend starting early or late afternoon at this Oahu beach.

Food – the closest store or restaurant is located in Waianae.  Make sure to bring a picnic lunch or snacks.  For a treat, stop and pick up a BBQ plate lunch for the beach at L&L Drive-Inn at 85-080 Waianae Valley Rd.

Catch a sunset – the sun melts into the ocean on the Westside, so you can imagine how beautiful it will be if it’s not too cloudy.

Yokohama Bay Sunset

Warnings for the area

It’s pretty safe out here, but you should never leave your personal belongings unattended on the beach or left behind in the car.

High surf advisory – the Westside is an extension of the North Shore, and so are the notorious big waves.  Even the smaller shore break waves are rough and sometimes create a strong undertow.  Check in with the lifeguard for advise before entering the water.

In the Area

North Shore Tandem Skydive

North Shore Skydive

Another way to take in stunning views of Kaena Point, Haleiwa, Waimea Bay, and the North Shore coastline is from 10,000 feet in the air.

You won’t be doing it alone, but with a professional guide who will guide and ride tandem with you in the air.  A unique experience and memory for life!  Learn more and reserve your spot

Hiking Ka'ena Pt

Kaena Pt Hike

Ka’ena Pt  – the road may end at Yokohama Beach, but the Oahu hiking trails start from here.  Take a two-mile journey hiking out to the westerly tip of the island, and explore beautiful Ka’ena Pt Park, trekking the sand dunes, and along the jagged reef coastline.

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