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The Oahu Bus - best way to get around

The Oahu bus, also known as "TheBus", is a great way to get around the island if you opt not to get an Oahu car rental.  The Honolulu bus system is actually ranked as one of the best transit systems in the world.  That’s pretty impressive with over 72 million satisfied Honolulu bus riders per year!

Oahu Bus

The Oahu bus is a reliable transit to travel around the island, and getting to places in a reasonable amount of time.

You will need to coordinate a little more the farther you travel outside of Waikiki, and allow more time to get to your destinations, but you can let go of your stress and let the bus driver do all the work!

A majority of the Oahu buses on different island routes travel through Waikiki (on Kuhio Ave), Ala Moana Mall, and/or downtown Honolulu -all which are very close to each other.  A quick bus transfer should get you to farther destinations such as Lanikai Beach or the North Shore.

Most Oahu buses arrive at the bus stops every 10 to 30 minutes.  However, some buses only pass by once an hour on Sundays, holidays, and also run less frequently to less-traveled areas of the island.

Buses do, however, run on a regular basis to the most popular Oahu attractions, but it’s always good practice to check the schedule or ask the bus driver.  Equally important is to know when the last bus is scheduled for your route if you plan on staying out late.

Oahu Bus Fares

All fares are to be paid with exact change in cash upon boarding.  Drivers do not carry cash for change. 

The alternative and more convenient way is to purchase your bus fare ahead of time from HOLO Card online. What you get is a reloadable smart card that can be used to pay for rides by simply tapping it on the card reader when boarding the bus.  You can purchase and reload it online or at various HOLO retail locations throughout Oahu. 


  • Single Fare:  $3.00 - Includes 2.5 hours of unlimited transfers.
  • Day Cap:  $7.50 - When this amount has been paid, no additional payments need to be made.
  • 7-Day Pass:  $30.00 - Unlimited rides for 7 consecutive days.
  • Monthly Pass:  $80.00 - Valid from the 1st day to the last day of the month.
  • Monthly Cap:  $80.00 - When this amount is reached, no additional payments are required within a calendar month if no monthly pass was purchased to begin with.
  • Annual Pass:  $880.00


  • Youth: Children 5 and under ride for free with a paying passenger and cannot occupy a seat.  Must present a Youth HOLO Card or proof of age (6-17 yrs), or students up to 19 yrs old with a valid high school ID.  Single Fare:  $1.50, Day Cap: $3.00
  • Seniors:  Must present Senior HOLO Card or government-issued ID with proof of age. Single Fare:  $1.50, Day Cap:  $3.00 
  • Disability:  Must present Disability HOLO Card or proof of permanent or temporary physical or mental disability.  Single Fare:  $1.25, Day Cap:  $3.00
  • US Medicare:  Must present US Medicare HOLO Card or government issued Medicare Card.  Single Fare:  $1.25, Day Cap:  $3.00
  • TheHandi-Van:  TheHandi-Van is a public transit service for persons with disabilities who are unable to use Oahu's bus service.  Contact information:  handivan@honolulu.gov or (808) 456-5555 and press 3 for a customer service representative.  Must present TheHandi-Van HOLO Card or a valid TheHandi-Van card.  Single Fare:  $2.25

Keep in mind that fares may change over time, but we try our best to publish the most updated fare information.

Waikiki Trolley 


The Waikiki Trolley visits many Honolulu Attractions including ones surrounding Diamond Head, Waikiki, Ala Moana, Aloha Stadium and more. There are 4 different routes to explore: Scenic Tour, Historic Tour, Shopping Tour, and the Island Tour.

Tickets start around $30 for a child day pass, and go up to $55 - $75 for an Adult 7 day pass. 

Purchase your pass now

Honolulu Bus Schedules for Most Popular Oahu Destinations:

Oahu Bus Waikiki Beach

Route 2, 2L, 23 (Eastbound)
Diamond Head State Monument and Hiking Trail, KCC

From Waikiki, catch the Eastbound #2, 2L or 23  from Kuhio Avenue. The bus will drop you off at the Diamond Head State Monument and Kapiolani Community College (KCC) bus stop.  (If you're unsure when or where to get off, just ask the driver when boarding.)  From there you can follow the signs that will direct you towards the Diamond Head crater entrance and hiking trail just a short walk away.  Consider it your warm-up if you're planning to hike to the top of Diamond Head!

Across from the Diamond Head Trail entrance is the KCC Farmers Market which is open only on Saturday mornings. It is a must if you're already there!

Route 2, 2L (Westbound) 
Iolani Palace, Bishop Museum, Honolulu Museum of Art

  • Duration:  Approximately 20 min to Honolulu Museum of Art, 25 min to Iolani Palace, 40 min to Bishop Museum from bus stops in Waikiki
  • Schedule & Bus Stop Locations:  Route 2, 2L Timetable
  • Map:  Route 2, 2L Map

From Waikiki, catch either the #2 or #2L Westbound towards the Kalihi Transit Center.  The bus will travel through downtown Honolulu with stops at three great museums:  Honolulu Museum of Art,  Iolani Palace, and Bishop Museum

Runs most days between 5:30am and 12:30pm

Route 6 - Kaka'ako Shops & Restaurants, and Downtown

Ala Moana Center to the Kaka'ako area (Ward Village, Auahi & Queen St) and Downtown area.

Route 8 & 20 - Waikiki & Ala Moana Center

Waikiki to Ala Moana Mall

Runs most days between 7:30am to 10pm

Route 20  - Aloha Tower, Chinatown, Airport and Pearl Harbor

Waikiki to the Aloha Tower Market Place, Chinatown, and then travels to the Honolulu Airport, Pearl Harbor, and the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet.

Runs most days between 5:45am to 6:45pm

Route 20 & 42 - Pearl Harbor & Aloha Stadium

Waikiki to Arizona Memorial in Pearl Harbor, and Aloha Stadium

Runs most days between 5:45am to 10:45pm

Route 22 & 23 - Hanauma Bay , Sandy Beach & Sea Life Park

Waikiki to Diamond Head Crater and Hanauma Bay

Runs most days between 8 am to 5:28 pm

This bus also travels to Sandy Beach & Makapu’u Beach.  It runs every half hour to 1 hour, and can take an hour to get to your destination. 

Route 40 - Ala Moana Center & Makaha Beach

Ala Moana Mall to Makaha Beach

Runs most days all day/night.  It can take up to 2 hours each way for arrival.

Kailua Bus

Route 56 w/ transfer to Route 70  - Kailua Beach & Lanikai Beach

Ala Moana Mall to Kailua Beach and Lanikai Beach

Runs most days between 6am to 10pm.

Note – route 70 runs only once an hour until 7pm…walking back to Kailua Road and taking the number 57 might be a better choice.

Route 52 & 88A (North Shore Express) - North Shore

Ala Moana Center to North Shore Beaches, to Turtle Bay Resort, and Polynesian Cultural Center

Runs most days between 6:30am to 12:00pm (Lanikai until 7pm).  2 hours each direction.

Route 60 - Kualoa Ranch, Polynesian Cultural Center & North Shore

Ala Moana Center to Kualoa Ranch, then Polynesian Cultural Center and then passes North Shore Beaches (including Sunset Beach, Pipeline, and Waimea Bay), and turns around after passing through Haleiwa Town.

For more Oahu bus routes, Honolulu bus schedules and route maps check out TheBus.org

What's allowed on Honolulu Buses:

Oahu Bus Luggage Sign

The Oahu buses can accommodate the following carry on bags and accessories that you might be traveling with:  small handheld luggage, boogie boards, golf clubs, beach chairs, small coolers, musical instruments, baby strollers, and even small caged pets!

NOTE:  Luggages larger than a carry-on that cannot fit under the seat are not allowed.

The buses are also equipped with bike racks located on the front side for traveling bikers.

For more information regarding the Oahu Bus call (808) 848-5555, or check out their website for more information:  http://www.thebus.org

Alternative - Waikiki Trolley

Waikiki Trolley 


The Waikiki Trolley visits many Honolulu Attractions including ones surrounding Diamond Head, Waikiki, Ala Moana, Aloha Stadium and more. There are 4 different routes to explore: Scenic Tour, Historic Tour, Shopping Tour, and the Island Tour.

Tickets start around $30 for a child day pass, and go up to $55 - $75 for an Adult 7 day pass. 

Purchase your pass now

Get a multi-day Waikiki Trolley Hop on Hop off Pass

Aloha & Enjoy!

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