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Best of Oahu Newsletter, Issue #010 - Welcome Back Visitors
December 14, 2021

Best of Oahu Newsletter

Big Wave Surf Contests are Back

As COVID outdoor venue rules relax, the winter big wave contests return to the North Shore.

The Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational at Waimea Bay, and the Triple Crown of Surfing are 2 of the biggest surf contests that take place sometime between the beginning of December and the end of February, if the waves are large enough to run them. The Triple Crown includes the Haleiwa Hawaiian Pro, the Sunset World Cup, and the Pipeline Masters.

Stay tuned to the local surf report(s) that generally announces good wave conditions and a green light for these surf contests to begin. Hawaiian-Surfing.html

Hanauma Bay Paid Reservations

Hanauma Bay has started requiring non-Hawaii residents, ages 13 and up, to confirm their reservations with an online payment to combat no-shows.

Since Hawaii has decreased the number of daily visitors to this marine nature preserve, it has become a problem of folks tying up reservation time slots and not showing up. And now the city will demand payment for Hanauma Bay reservations in advance... hanauma-bay-oahu.html

Oahu Dec & Jan Events

Oahu Events have started returning as visitors have this summer.

Farmers Markets were the first to return as they were deemed essential, but now some other social events are returning including Bishop Museum After Hours, Art After Dark at the Modern Museum of Art, Wildest Show at the Honolulu Zoo, Yoga in the Park, Holiday events and others.

See more December and January events in Oahu... oahu-events-in-december.html oahu-events-in-january.html

Honolulu Rent-A-Car Hub

A new $377 million Honolulu Consolidated Rental Car Facility in the Honolulu Airport has opened up to mark the completion of all major Honolulu projects in a $2.6 billion statewide airport modernization plan.

This new facility will make it easier for visitor connect through the airport to rent their vehicles verses taking rent-a-car buses down the road to individual operations. oahu-car-rentals.html

Laniakea Beach New Parking Lot

For decades, Laniakea Beach has been the bottleneck of traffic jams in and out of the north shore. The ongoing issue has been beach goers parking across the street, and not having a good or safe way to walk back across to the beach.

The city has created a temporary parking lot for the time being, but traffic remains as visitors need to cross the freeway to get to the other side.

But more importantly, a bypass road and permanent parking lot is in design review and planned to take place next year to help relieve traffic. laniakea-beach.html

Liliha Bakery New Waikiki Location

The local and popular Liliha Bakery has just opened its fourth location in Waikiki.

The iconic local bakery and restaurant, known for their delicious coco puffs as well as savory dishes like oxtail soup and breakfast specials, has opened its latest location in the International Market Place.


Broadway Returns to Hawaii

As COVID rules relax for concerts and in-door entertainment venues, Broadway productions have returned to the islands, including Hamilton, Cats, and Jersey Boys. Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton production kicks off the holidays, with future big lineups scheduled for 2022. oahu-shows.html
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