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Oahu Events in December

Oahu Events in December including Honolulu City Lights, Pipeline Masters, and Honolulu Marathon

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Best Hawaiian Poke on Oahu

Hawaiian Poke has become one of the defining elements that characterizes Hawaii’s culture. New Oahu based eateries such as Ono Seafood, Da Hawaiian Poke Co, and Fresh Catch push the limits and continue to amaze us with their innovating ahi tuna creations!

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Leonard's Bakery Hot Malasadas

Leonard's Bakery, a once local secret spot for their fresh hot malasadas (a Portuguese style donut), has grown in popularity with lines that stretch into parking lot! Make sure to get your hands on some of the cream filled malasadas, including Haupia and the flovor of the month!

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Waimea Bay - Best North Shore Beach

The towering North Shore waves start here in Waimea Bay. The winter swells that roll into the famous Oahu North Shore beaches, generally top out at Waimea Beach Park , on the right hand side of the bay. Surfing Waimea Bay, along with Sunset Beach and the Banzai Pipeline, is a considered almost a pilgrimage among many pro-surfers that fly in from all around the world to partake in the daring action. The fun generally begins when the National Weather Service issues high surf warnings for the North Shore. Waimea Bay Beach Park is located just past Haleiwa Beach, and across from Waimea Falls Park.

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Help Save Oahu Hawaii & make a difference!

10 amazing organizations that help protect and save Oahu Hawaii, doing incredible things and putting forth efforts to preserve our beautiful paradise

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Experience the Polynesian Cultural Center

Explore the Polynesian Cultural Center, planning a day up in the North Shore in a small town called Laie, and explore countless experiences this Oahu attraction has to offer! Sometimes referred as the Disneyworld experience of Hawaii, this Oahu attraction will entertain you with lots of shows, activities, a Hawaiian luau, and end with a night production called Ha “Breath of Life”.

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Kaniakapupu Ruins

The Kaniakapupu Ruins, better known as King Kamehameha III summer home, is an incredible treasure and piece of Hawaiian history that is tucked away on this Oahu hike!

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Upcoming Hawaii Bridal Expos and Events

Upcoming Hawaii Bridal Expos has the latest bridal styles, wedding trends, and tips to organizing your special day, wedding expos provide great information and ideas on many aspects leading up to the wedding day

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Discovering the best Waikiki has to offer!

Waikiki is one of the world’s most traveled and sought out vacation destination in the world. Discover the best Waikiki experience in places to stay, Waikiki restaurants, Honolulul attractions, nightlife and much much more!

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About Best of Oahu - The Oahu Insider

I had the pleasure of growing up on Oahu and falling in love with it. It’s the friendly Hawaiian people, the majestic blue Pacific Ocean, the ono delicious food, the pace of life, and the tropical smells in the air that fills me with the spirit of Aloha.

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Unique Oahu Wedding Locations

Take time to explore the best Oahu wedding locations, including classic hotels, beautiful beach settings, stunning landmark churches, Hawaiian wedding gardens, museum settings, and storybook wedding halls. Get married at the Bishop Museum, Waikiki Aquarium, or historic Iolani Palace.

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Best Oahu Resorts - Hilton Hawaiian Village, Turtle Bay Oahu Resort, Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club, Disney Aulani Resort, Kahala Hotel and Resort

There are really only 5 Oahu resorts that have the extensive grounds and prestige worthy of the title as “true resorts on Oahu”. Hawaiian Hilton Village, Turtle Bay Resort Oahu, Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club, Disney Aulani Hotel, and the Kahala Hotel and Resort are your 5 island stars that rise high above the rest! Unique settings, onsite golf courses, tropical lagoon beaches, exquisite manmade waterfalls, popular luaus, star attractions such as dolphins and sting rays swimming about, spa centers, boutique shops, fine dining restaurants, top notch rooms and suites, and front row beach real estate are some of the outstanding all-in-one features you will find at these luxury Oahu resorts that are hard to find anywhere else.

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tour around Oahu on a new electric scooter with Aloha Trikke

Aloha Trikke is offering an amazing 20% off discount on one of their featured tours around Waikiki and other spots around the island on a fun new electric scooter.

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Lanikai Beach Oahu Hawaii - Best Oahu Beaches

Lanikai Beach is rated the all time best beach on Oahu. Get tips and directions to this beautiful Windward Side beach. You will be mesmerized by endless milesof calm tranquil aqua blue waters!

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Kim Taylor Reece

Discover Hawaii's renowned artist, Kim Taylor Reece and his North Shore Gallary. Kim is best known for his captivating photographs of hula dancers

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Ehukai Pillbox Hike

The Ehukai Pillbox Hike is better known as the Sunset Pillbox Trail, because it has some beautiful views of Ehukai Beach (better known as Banzai Pipeline) and the North Shore coastline

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Banzai Pipeline Hawaii - Best of Oahu

Experience the legendary Banzai Pipeline Hawaii, known around the world for its perfect barelling waves. Head to Ehukai Beach Park on the North Shore Oahu. Located at Ehukai Beach Park, surfing pipeline is an unique experience itself, and ranks in many people’s list as one of the top 100 things to do before you die!

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Best of the Iolani Palace

Iolani Palace is one of Oahu's most revered National Historic Landmarks, and must see things to do in Oahu. This Honolulu Attraction is located in the civic center downtown Honolulu, and is actually the second palace that was commissioned to be the official residence of the Hawaiian monarchy.

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Plan a Hawaiian Wedding on Oahu

Oahu is one of the most popular destinations when choosing a Hawaiian wedding. There are some great venues for Oahu weddings including wedding flowers, best island spots for photos, fun bachelor and bachelorette party choices, wedding party outings, and the wedding itself.

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Hiking the Koko Crater Trail

Koko Crater Trail, better known as “Koko Head Stairs”, is your StairMaster workout for the day, with a rewarding panoramic view up top. This Oahu hike will test your endurance and strength to continuously take each additional step up the mountain

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Hotels in Oahu - Best Oahu Resorts, Hotels in Waikiki, Budget Oahu Lodging

Searching for the best hotels in Oahu for your upcoming vacation? You’ll find that a majority of the choice hotels are in Waikiki, but a few exceptional Oahu resorts are located just outside of this bustling Oahu lodging enclave. Whether you are looking for the best Oahu luxury hotels or searching for some run of the mill inexpensive Waikiki Hotels, there are great selection for everyone!

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Hiking Makapuu Lighthouse -

The Makapuu Lighthouse Trail is one of the most popular hikes on Oahu, including the Makapuu Tidepools and fabulous views of the Windward side, Koko Head, Makapu'u Beach, and neighboring islands!

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Ala Moana Beach Park - most popular local Oahu beach

Ala Moana Beach Park is a playground that just about offers something for everyone, Get tips, directions and the scoop on this local beach. You'll discover a half mile stretch of white sand, Ala Moana Park with shady trees with picnic tables and a wide expanse of grass to play around in, tennis courts, a yacht club, 3 concession stands, and an additional half crescent beach. All of this is across the famed Ala Moana Mall.

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Best of Oahu Site Map

Best of Oahu Site Map for better navigation.

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Advertise opportunites with Best of Oahu is one of the leading travel sites for Oahu. We are entertaining advertising space on our Best of Oahu website.

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Best Oahu Breakfast Restaurants

Discover the best Oahu restaurants around the island, including Koko Head Cafe, Cinnamons, Hula Grill, and popular Leonard's Bakery!

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Rainbow Drive In - Best Plate Lunch

Rainbow Drive In, also known as Rainbow’s, makes the short list when searching for the best Hawaiian plate lunch on Oahu. It’s no doubt the best hole in the wall plate lunch

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Best rated Honolulu Restaurants

Check out the best rated Honolulu restaurants, including Alan Wongs, Roy's, Chef Chai, Shokudo, and local hole-in-the-wall spots. These restaurants outside of Waikiki, will leave you in awe, with satisfied smiles, and cravings for more!

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Waimanalo Bay & Beach

Waimanalo Bay Recreation Area and beach is jaw-dropping dead gorgeous, with turquoise blue waters and miles of some of the softest white sand your will toes will ever touch!

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Waikiki Aquarium - a popular Honolulu Attractions

Waikiki Aquarium is another popular attraction for visitors in Oahu. Located next to a living coral reef, this award winning aquarium will delight you with multi-colored tropical fish, monk seals, reef sharks, live corals, and much more!

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Hiking to Maunawili Falls

Maunawili Falls is a unique 20ft waterfall tucked below the towering Pali Cliffs, a fun Oahu hiking trail will lead you up to the valley falls

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Waikiki Beach - All 8 Sections of Waikiki Beach

Waikiki Beach is one of the the most famous and recognized beaches in the world. Learn about the 8 different sections of this beach. All have their own character and beach ambience!

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Oahu Transportation including plane, buses, rental cars, and taxi services rental

Oahu transportation for visitors including flying in and out of the Honolulu International Airport is easy as it should be. Renting a cheap Oahu car rental to explore the island, or traveling about on an Oahu bus or Waikiki Trolley will get you from place to place, and couldn't be simpler or more fun!

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Hiking Diamond Head Trail

Diamond Head Trail is one of the best Oahu hikes. Get tips on this rewarding 1 mile Oahu hike, that offers amazing 360 degrees views when you reach the 760-foot summit top.

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Waimea Falls Park - Waimea Falls & Hike

Waimea Falls Park - Amongst Oahu hikes, this is more like a pleasurable one mile stroll through lush botanical gardens, that lead up to the grand Waimea Falls. Still known as the popular Waimea Falls Park, this Oahu waterfall and grounds are now run by the stewards of Waimea Valley Hi’ipaka.

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