Best of Oahu - An Insider's Guide

Best of Oahu is an insider's guide to the best highlights and points of interests that make  this spectacular and captivating Hawaiian Island so special!

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You will be treated to an insider's view of fantastic  Honolulu attractions, dreamy Oahu beaches, unique Hawaiian culture, amazing hidden Oahu waterfalls, the rugged and rustic Oahu North Shore, famous Hawaiian surfing spots, underwater scuba diving adventures, best Oahu golf courses, scenic Oahu hiking trails, incredible Oahu shopping, and of course the most scrumptious island eats, the best places to stay,  and then get ready for the very best Oahu nightlife.  You will have a vacation filled with only the best things to do in Oahu,.

The question is “what are you seeking to discover in Oahu”?

Best of Oahu

Whether it’s your first visit or tenth trip, it’s pretty hard not have a great time when you visit Oahu. 

But would you just prefer a list of all the Oahu restaurants, places and beaches to choose from… or would you rather have the top selection of hidden finds, rich Hawaiian culture, and the very best things to do in Oahu?

I had the pleasure of growing up on this amazing island. Warm weather, lush terrain, pristine Oahu beaches, and aqua blue waters were my surroundings.

As a local, you learn over time and through the process of discovery, where the best spots are on Oahu, the quickest ways to get around, where to find the most ono delicious Hawaiian food, and where best island deals can be found.

Best of Oahu is a personal Oahu travel guide.  There are so many things to do in Oahu, where you can easily get caught up in the hustle and bustle, and miss out on some of the better highlights that this Hawaiian island has to offer.  This site is focused on featuring only the best and not-to-be-missed experiences.

Vacation trips often never feel like they are long enough.  So why not let us be your personal Oahu travel guide and insider … all you have to do is get ready to enjoy the very best time you can possibly have during your vacation!

Aloha & Enjoy!!

Table of Contents

Oahu Beaches
Do not go to Oahu without this Best Oahu Beaches guide. No matter what you're looking for, there is an Oahu beach guaranteed to satisfy your craving for the ultimate beach experience in Hawaii.
Things To Do In Oahu
The best things to do in Oahu come from local insiders' tips. With so many things to do in Oahu, vacations can sometimes feel quite overwhelming with endless choices and so little time! Discover the best Oahu attractions along with helpful insider local tips, and off the beaten path destinations worth visiting!
Hawaiian Surfing, Hawaii Surfing, Surfing Pipeline,Surfing Waikiki Beach, Oahu Surf Spot
Hawaiian Surfing is just a way of life on Oahu. With close to a hundred named Oahu surf spots around the island, it’s hard for it not to be! You've got something for all levels...from surfing Waikiki beach to surfing Pipeline -- yes, the world famous Banzai Pipeline! Everyone from the keikis (kids) to energetic seniors, are either out playing around in the surf, or out watching the Hawaiian surfers riding the waves from some of the best of Oahu's surfing-spectator spots.
Oahu North Shore
Oahu North Shore - Time to head to the countryside and pay a visit to this laidback corner of Oahu, whether you're coming to surf the world famous North Shore beaches, stroll through rustic Haleiwa town,browse through Hawaiian art galleries, or looking for northshore golf courses...experiencing North Shore Oahu is a must.
Scuba Diving in Hawaii, Scuba Dive in Oahu
Scuba diving in Hawaii is a grand underwater adventure! Whether you are venturing to take your first scuba dive in Oahu, looking to get your Hawaii Scuba Certification, or take advantage of some of the advanced scuba diving Hawaii has to offer, Oahu’s Northern, Southern, and Western ocean waters, are a colorful adventurous playgrounds, waiting to be explored.
Oahu Golf Courses
You’ll find most of Oahu golf courses are kept in great tiptop shape, and rank as some of the best Hawaii golf courses to choose from. You may be inclined to a challenge at a North shore golf course or want to stay close to your hotel and do some golfing in Waikiki… either way you will have a great Oahu golf vacation.
Oahu Hiking Trails, Oahu Hikes, Hiking Oahu, Best Hikes on Oahu
Oahu hiking trails will provide you access to the best views and adventures on the island. These Oahu hikes will transport you to the island’s natural wild beauty. Hiking Oahu will be one of the true highlights of your Hawaiian vacation.
Shopping on Oahu, From Ala Moana Shopping Center to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet
Shopping on Oahu is a fun adventure. Whether you are looking for haute couture, local island art, or everything Hawaiiana, you are likely to find it at Ala Moana Mall, Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, Aloha Tower Marketplace, or at the Ward WArehouse & Ward Center.
Oahu Nightlife, Honolulu Nightlife, Honolulu Bars
After the sun melts into the Pacific, the stars come out, and the Oahu nightlife comes to life! It’s really all about the Honolulu nightlife for the most part. Whether you are seeking the Honolulu nightclubs & Honolulu bars, or maybe something a little more special, it’s hard not to find good entertainment somewhere in the Oahu nightlife!
Honolulu Attractions - Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium, Iolani Palace, Visiting Pearl Harbor, Bishop Museum, Waikiki Hawaii, Chinatown Honolulu
There are some great Honolulu Attractions to discover, experience, and remember when visiting Oahu! From the simple pleasures of visiting the Waikiki Aquarium and the Honolulu Zoo, to swimming with the many colorful Hanauma Bay fish, there are some wonderful Honolulu Attractions worth discovering. Once you’ve had enough sun and sand and need a little break, you can mozy on down to Pearl Harbor, the Iolani Palace Honolulu, and the Bishop Museum Hawaii.
Waikiki Restaurants - Dukes Waikiki, Leonards Bakery, Zippy's, Rainbow Drive In ...
Food is my passion…and Waikiki has its share of hole-in-the-wall local spots along with 5 Star Waikiki restaurants that are worth considering when looking for a moment of satisfaction! Looking for the best Waikiki restaurants that would satisfy your hungry tummy without venturing too far out of the area? There are so many to choose from but no matter your budget or craving, we've assembled a nice sampling of local favorites to whet your appetite...
Oahu Restaurants - Roy's Restaurant, Shokudo, Pineapple Room, Leonard's Bakery, Haleiwa Joe's
A short list of best Oahu restaurants, including favorites such as Roy's, Haleiwa Joes, Pineapple Room, and Leonard's Bakery
Best Honolulu Restaurants - Alan Wong's, Roys Restaurant, Ethel's Grill, Shokudo, Chef Mavro
These best Honolulu restaurants, outside of Waikiki, will leave you in awe, with satisfied smiles, and cravings for more!