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Featuring Aloha Trikke

Take a tour around Waikiki and other parts of Oahu on an exciting new electric scooter like vehicleFor a short time, Aloha Trikke is offering an amazing 20% off discount on one of their featured tours.  Check out more and book a tour before it's too late!

Aloha Trikke

Aloha Trikke

Take a tour around Diamond Head, Waikiki and Oahu beaches on an electric Trikke! The worlds newest personal electric vehicle is also Oahu’s newest way of touring the island.  Aloha Trikke is conveniently located in the middle of Waikiki in the King Village Shopping Center.

Book your tour now and take advantage of 20% off by using the discount code “BEST” when booking online with Aloha Trikke, or presenting this coupon at the time of purchase.  This discount has been extended into 2016...take advantage of it!

Aloha & Enjoy!!

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