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Featuring Aloha Trikke - Closed

Unfortunately Aloha Trikke is no longer in business since COVID.  Hoverboarding Tours are a great option...

Take a tour around Waikiki and other parts of Oahu on an exciting new electric scooter like vehicleTours currently travel along Ala Moana Beach and beautiful Magic Island.  Check out more and book a tour before it's too late!

Aloha Trikke

Aloha Trikke offers a fun and unique way to explore the beautiful sights of Waikiki and Honolulu, providing guided tours on electric Trikkes, allowing visitors to effortlessly glide through the streets and enjoy the scenic views.

Take a tour around Diamond Head, Waikiki and Oahu beaches on an electric Trikke! The worlds newest personal electric vehicle is also Oahu’s newest way of touring the island.  Aloha Trikke is conveniently located in the middle of Waikiki in the King Village Shopping Center.

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